profile-MarvTherapies with Marvin:

If it’s part of the body, Marvin can help. With extensive training (above National Occupational Standards) and vast experience (Health & Fitness industry since 1999), Marvin adopts whatever techniques are most effective to help you with your injuries, stresses and specific need.
Some people may want or benefit enough from a Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, whereas someone else may need a thorough assessment and corrective techniques for long-term recovery.

Skills include: Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment, Rehabilitation, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage, Spinal Mobility, Joint Mobility, Posture Correction, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Advanced Stretching Techniques, Post Operative care



profile-TraceyTherapies with Tracey:

Tracey has a very different approach than Marvin which is great as the different approaches enhance and compliment each-other. Tracey as well as the muscular aches and pains can treat specific conditions and ailments with a softer approach by the use of essential oils.
If you are stressed, have trouble sleeping, have digestive or tummy problems, tension and head aches, Tracey’s Holistic approach will be more suitable to your needs

Skills include: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Body Massage and Reiki