Other Projects

Here is a portfolio of other work I’ve been involved in.

Published Reviews

Audio Interviews (Soundcloud)

I have conducted multiple interviews, mainly with my time as Head of Speech and Drama at the University of Manchester’s Fuse FM Student Radio Station. Here are some samples of some interviews:

(Eric and the Barbarian was nominated for ‘Best Interview’ at UoM’s Societies and Media Awards 2017).

[ON HIATUS] Untold Stories (video project)

A project in which I interview random people about their stories and experiences in the world. The project is currently undergoing a hiatus due to a lack of recording equipment. Here are some samples:

The Fronts (play)

The Fronts PosterA play I wrote and produced with the University of Manchester’s Drama Society’s event Two Pairs of Shorts. Original cast and crew included Jess Wiehler as director, Maddie Twigg as producer, and starred Tom Jones as James, Agnes Houghton-Boyle as Helen, Christian Henrichsen as Sebastian, Callie Davidson as Nicole, and Emily Brocklehurst as Postwoman.

SYNOPSIS: A British couple, the Fronts, move to Louisiana, USA to lead a new life. Both suffer from alexithymia, a condition that means they have no emotions. The play turns into a comedy-of-manners as the couple’s neighbours, the Donovans, misinterpret an affair going on. The play does not make light of the Fronts’ condition, rather makes social commentary on how we all put up a front in life.

The Mancunion’s Review by Emily Oulton.

Returning (play)

Returning PosterAnother UoM Drama Society production where I took an assistant director role. Original cast and crew included Kat Humphrey as director, Hannah Kirby as producer, and starred Rory Greenwood, Jenna Brannock, Nell Gordon-Hall, Felix Firth, Elena Boag.

SYNOPSIS: When you’ve been a world away, coming home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Jo and Michael have been living a life of rules, strategy and explosive situations. These two service people have negotiated the ins and outs of the British army. But finding a way to thrive in London proves their most difficult challenge yet.

The play tackles mental health in returning veterans in the UK.

The Mancunion’s Review by Patience Kanjira.

The Anatomy of a Bath Mat (upcoming production)

Written and directed by me as part of the UoM’s Drama Society MIFTA season. Show dates: 5-7th March 2017 at King’s Arms, Salford.

The Log (upcoming production)

Acting as Charlie in the three-person show The Log written and directed by Patrick Davenport. Show dates: 1st-2nd February 2017 at Three Minute Theatre

Blind Faith (short documentary)

A short documentary film by Lily McGinn on football fans where I play a small part. Lily and I have had the pleasure of working together on an audio feature about sex workers in the UK (Alice Down the Rabbit Hole), which we are currently trying to make public as soon as we get media release forms from interviewees.

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