What you should include in a first blog post… which I haven’t included

Hello to all! I am Will Vincent, a.k.a. Vinci, and I would like to welcome you to my blog.

would explain to you who I am; I would explain to you what this blog is about; I would try and give you a friendly tongue-in-cheek post about the points aforementioned. However, my gun-ho attitude and absent planning has put all these points in my ‘Abouts’ page rather than in a first post. I would suggest you read that before continuing.

All done? Excellent! I’ll mention here a feeble excuse that I don’t really like to plan. A good excuse would be some pompous thought like: “Oh I do like to make my posts feel more natural and improvised! They should be from the soul and heart. I also have the spirit animal of a whale.” However, I find that planning something makes my mind whiz off into a complete tangent of extravagant plans and expectations, which ultimately delays and snaps me back into a reality where I have no time to actually do any of my planned masterpiece. So this is what you have!

But now that you have read the ‘Abouts’ page (or at least should have read) the question remains: what should you say in your first post?

Now, I can answer the question with ‘should’: everything that I said in the ‘Abouts’ page. That is my advice to budding bloggers out there. Now the question reverts back to me: what should I say in my first post now?

Frankly, there is nothing else to be introduced. The only other fact that has changed from the ‘Abouts’ page (which was written sometime before 7th July but failed to show up on the website) is that I am officially eighteen years of age, now making it legal for me to be completely irresponsible and totally accountable for any of my actions and that my brother has died down with hyped lectures, mainly due to me being away from home for about a week.

I am writing this post now as I am in a position to start sticking to a post-per-week-and-a-bit-on-the-side-nudge-nudge schedule, which is good for me and you guys (as long as you actually enjoy these posts).

The only other thing to mention is the future. You already know that I am going to stick to a post a week (probably one every Sunday) but I will be adding a post tomorrow to kick things off. Huzzah! It will probably be a film review, so get hype for that!

I am trying to stockpile some posts for weeks I know I will be away for this summer. I am working on another project (that is something that I have distanced myself from for a while that I am getting back to) and I am also working on coding to get my own theme for this website going. So far, I have learnt the basics of HTML (the backbone of a webpage) and I am delving into the mysteries of CSS (what makes a website shiny and pretty).

I have been deliberating what to do about more personal posts, as they are fun to write. I would probably say that they will be less frequent and more fractured during the weeks to come. All posts on Sundays will be ‘Picks’ (a name I have just come up with, but fits nicely) and more personal things will be laced with future developments for the blog.

A friend of mine offered to be an editor of the blog. I have to see whether that offer is still available as my editing at the moment is a quick proof-read and publish, like a cheap hand car wash down at the local petrol station.

That is all! I wish you all the best in whatever you are doing with your lives and wish you good luck in stomaching the posts/picks to come.

As a hyperactive, jumping tiger once said: TTFN!