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The 39 Steps

Chuckles, Snickers, and Roars

39 steps.jpgAs the random calypso bands in Paddington sing: “London is the place for me.”

I love London. The sights, smells, places, people, and all those other clichés are the things that give me a soft-spot for it. So to start Easter with a last-minute-idea trip down was a real treat. The Science Museum, 221B Baker Street, Jamie Oliver’s Pop-up… and we topped it off last night in the only underground theatre in London: The Criterion Theatre in Picadilly Circus.

I have to say the theatre was pretty cool. The space was small, but was quite traditional, and there was this stained-glass bar thing which was pretty nice to have interval drinks in. Anyway, enough of the digression, let’s get onto the review: Continue reading The 39 Steps

A View from the Bridge

Can Reproduction Repeat Last Spring’s Success?

With a busy weekend ahead, and no new ideas for a blog post, I headed hesitantly to a university interview. My mind was filled with possible questions and appropriate answers to be worrying about a review.

Turns out, my interview gave me a light-bulb of an idea when mentioning plays I had seen. Usually, I need to make sure that the play is running to review and this particular play is being re-run; different places but same director (Ivo van Hove) and actors. Hmm, to watch, or not to watch, that is the question I’ll answer today. Continue reading A View from the Bridge

The Woman in Black: Daniel Radcliffe Eat Your Heart Out

Picks will now be accompanied by a cover photo of the piece. Enjoy!

I have found one major problem in writing reviews for plays: it’s a fast-changing market. The industry moves quickly, and if you don’t review the play in time for people to see it, a part of the review dies then and there.

I believe there are two reasons to read a review. One, it gives you an idea of the piece, either recommending or not recommending you to view it (which is different to it being told whether it is good or bad) and two is to entertain the reader long enough for them to finish the review. Now you know why I have some sort of quirky introduction to each of my posts! Whether they actually entertain you, that’s another question.

In truth, I would like to say that my Picks are fun and enjoyable to read, but I believe I’ve lost that element recently. It’s hard to make your voice speak through text, but going back to the former reason, I wouldn’t feel right reviewing a play that you can’t see.

Last week, I saw two plays performed. One at the Malvern Theatre, performing World War One drama Lottie’s War, following Lottie living in German-occupied Guernsey with a Nazi General, and The Canary Girls performed in my local theatre: The Courtyard, Hereford. This play was also set in World War One, following the women of ROF Rotherwas filling (munitions) factory in Hereford. I promise you, I’m not doing History A-Level!

Unfortunately, these plays are both no longer running, so I am unable to give a real opinion on them. I had to rack my brain for a play that I had seen that was still running, and then this came to mind. Why it came to mind? It has been running for twenty-five years. Continue reading The Woman in Black: Daniel Radcliffe Eat Your Heart Out