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All My Sons and Rebecca

Bro, Do You Even Theatre?

There’s one thing I’ve been thinking about all week. Every second, of every minute, of ever hour, of ever day this week, one thought has constantly been running through my mind:

"Please, oh please, let this week be over."

This week has been a nightmare. Firstly, I’d be surprised if I had anywhere near seven hours sleep for any night of this week (except for last night, where I slept like a log). My English coursework kept me constantly busy, trying to make it the best it can be.

As well as fighting off essays left right and centre, I had two trips this week. Now, you may wonder why that would be a bad thing. The bad thing, was that they were on two consecutive days, with the first one getting me home at 12.30 at night. Great.

But despite being tired, hectically working, stressed, and kind of out of pocket (I need a job), these trips were pretty useful. Why? Because I have something to review. I didn’t have time for a film or a book, so with both trips being to plays, I am in a great position to review. Bro, do you even drama?!

Anyway, let’s get on! Continue reading All My Sons and Rebecca

The 39 Steps

Chuckles, Snickers, and Roars

39 steps.jpgAs the random calypso bands in Paddington sing: “London is the place for me.”

I love London. The sights, smells, places, people, and all those other clichés are the things that give me a soft-spot for it. So to start Easter with a last-minute-idea trip down was a real treat. The Science Museum, 221B Baker Street, Jamie Oliver’s Pop-up… and we topped it off last night in the only underground theatre in London: The Criterion Theatre in Picadilly Circus.

I have to say the theatre was pretty cool. The space was small, but was quite traditional, and there was this stained-glass bar thing which was pretty nice to have interval drinks in. Anyway, enough of the digression, let’s get onto the review: Continue reading The 39 Steps

A View from the Bridge

Can Reproduction Repeat Last Spring’s Success?

With a busy weekend ahead, and no new ideas for a blog post, I headed hesitantly to a university interview. My mind was filled with possible questions and appropriate answers to be worrying about a review.

Turns out, my interview gave me a light-bulb of an idea when mentioning plays I had seen. Usually, I need to make sure that the play is running to review and this particular play is being re-run; different places but same director (Ivo van Hove) and actors. Hmm, to watch, or not to watch, that is the question I’ll answer today. Continue reading A View from the Bridge