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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Finding a Balance Between Mess and Magnificence

It started when I got into a one-on-one fight with Darth Maul. Let’s be honest: who would turn down a free VR lightsaber duel whilst waiting for your tickets? My expectations were lifted higher than ever.

Later, as the blue text disappeared, my hands gripped the seat. I saw in my peripherals the tentative bite of an eleven pence reduced yule log (looks good, Calum) – the air stood still as a collective held their breath before the all-too-familiar cacophony blared throughout the theatre. It is always breathtaking.

After the film ended, our group reconvened, and before a verdict was even uttered, we were all agreed: this needs a second viewing.

I rewatched The Last Jedi five days later, taking a few nights (and train journies) to process my response. I soon became aware of a growing negative backlash, and pondered if this was the general consensus or just a noisy minority?

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