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Hunted (and The Martian)

A Warning on Surveillance or Security?

Seriously… which one?


Before we get onto the review, let me just say YEAH! I’M BACK! AND IN A TYPICAL FASHIONABLY LATE STYLE TOO!

So what’s been happening with me? Well my A-Level results turned out to be the best I could have asked for, and I’m currently settling into Manchester University to study English and Drama. Well, not now. Now I’m sitting comfortably at home for Reading Week. Whiling away the hours with Amazon Prime and napping… oh, with reading and work being my priorities, obviously.

I haven’t totally forgotten my reviewing in my hiatus, and have another review here on The Martian. Check it out for some sci-fi musings!

While I’ve been at home, I’ve managed to catch up on some shows, namely Hunted, and I’ve been thinking that although I have pressing work and essays to keep firmly on top of, I might revert back to my two posts a week, with Thursday and Sunday being my ‘Pick’ days

But enough of all that! Let’s see if my reviewing skills have been slacking during my hiatus.

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Quartet, The Raid, and American Pie: Wedding

The Old, The Fit, and The Expired

Another week passes by, and looking at the calendar I cringe at the big letters in red on Friday “FIRST EXAM”.

As to keep concentrated on these exams, my next written post won’t be until 28th June, so consider this as a hiatus of sorts. However, I do have something in the mix that I might post before that date, if all goes well.

So, thanks for putting up with all the setbacks so far, and let’s get on with the reviewing! Continue reading Quartet, The Raid, and American Pie: Wedding

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Eagle Has Landed, and Birdman

Sorry for the late Pick. By the time our family finally settle on our film for film night, I'm usually making breakfast.


No, I shall not be reviewing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but WonkaI am finally able to say, after three years, that I am out of Sixth Form! Yes! Who would have thought the day would come?

I found it to be a pretty momentous occasion to be free from the shackles of school life, and while the lead up to final exams, results, and university daunt me, I will throw myself into the future with sheepish enthusiasm.

While I have got a special “thank-you” in mind for the leavers of 2015, I am honoured to say this Pick is dedicated to them. Thank you for making my extra year a real pleasure. Continue reading Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Eagle Has Landed, and Birdman