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The Dark Room (Fringe 2017)

Dark, Immersive Joy

I wanted to experience something immersive at Fringe. While the VR experiences seemed somewhat interesting, reviews indicated that the enjoyment came from the aesthetics rather than the show’s content. So I decided to take a step backwards: a metaphorical step to the seventies where VR was merely a dream and text-based adventure games ruled. Continue reading The Dark Room (Fringe 2017)

Cloud Avenue (Fringe 2017)

Shadow Shenanigans and Puppet Perfection

Cloud Avenue goes to Edinburgh Fringe Crowdfunder. ©

Firstly, I would like to thank the production team of Cloud Avenue for giving me a sofa to rest my head during my Edinburgh Fringe visit. They were extremely welcoming and provided me with some great company. However, before I start this review, I would like to note that I won’t be giving star ratings to Cloud Avenue, and What Do Bears Eat?, its sister show. I believe I’m in a biased position to accurately give a rating (I mean, I’m not a fan of rating systems anyway but still…) to people I know. I will instead try to deliver a review that provides some constructive critique and, of course, impartial praise.  Continue reading Cloud Avenue (Fringe 2017)

Wombmates (Fringe 2017)

Fast-paced and Wholly Original

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Full Pelt Theatre ©

It’s hard to review a production when the audience isn’t into what they’re watching. Being part of numerous productions, I know that you’ll always have those “off” nights where the jokes don’t quite seem to land, or the spectacles don’t seem to shock and awe. Watching Wombmates, fellow spectators felt sedated as the production progressed (Fringe can be taxing on all of us!), but that didn’t hinder the brilliance of this production from shining through. Continue reading Wombmates (Fringe 2017)