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Hunted (and The Martian)

A Warning on Surveillance or Security?

Seriously… which one?


Before we get onto the review, let me just say YEAH! I’M BACK! AND IN A TYPICAL FASHIONABLY LATE STYLE TOO!

So what’s been happening with me? Well my A-Level results turned out to be the best I could have asked for, and I’m currently settling into Manchester University to study English and Drama. Well, not now. Now I’m sitting comfortably at home for Reading Week. Whiling away the hours with Amazon Prime and napping… oh, with reading and work being my priorities, obviously.

I haven’t totally forgotten my reviewing in my hiatus, and have another review here on The Martian. Check it out for some sci-fi musings!

While I’ve been at home, I’ve managed to catch up on some shows, namely Hunted, and I’ve been thinking that although I have pressing work and essays to keep firmly on top of, I might revert back to my two posts a week, with Thursday and Sunday being my ‘Pick’ days

But enough of all that! Let’s see if my reviewing skills have been slacking during my hiatus.

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The Walking Dead: First Impressions

Savagely Dramatic or Frighteningly Clichéd?

So I jokingly mentioned on Sunday doing the first two episodes of The Walking Dead as a review… Not so jokingly now.

I have a practical exam coming up on Tuesday, so all my time is devoted to that. With that said, I have to finish this post quickly as to get back to that. While shorter, I will try and keep up my “oh-so-high standard of reviewing” (said no-one ever).

Enjoy! (This paragraph is here only to make the image look nice with the text. I’m cheap like that.) Continue reading The Walking Dead: First Impressions

The Casual Vacancy

Does Screen Adaptation of the Underground War in Village of Death Outrun J.K. Rowling’s Book?

Casual Vacancy PosterOnto our second Pick of the week! I must be on a roll. Fortunately, I’ve planned out my time pretty well, because I have just watched a film at the cinema which I can review for tomorrow, and Sunday marked the third and final episode for the creative adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy.

Just to say, I could only find a picture of the book cover to use for this Pick. Speaking of the book, I heard many people voice their concerns, saying it was only popular due to J.K. Rowling’s name. While I wish not to mention the book, a few surprises lay in store in the TV miniseries which force me to give some mention. Anyway, let’s get on, shall we? There’s a casual vacancy to fill.

Oh! And if you really really dislike spoilers, you might want to watch Episode One first. The title really does suggest the spoiler, so I wouldn’t worry.
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The Fall (Season 2)

Click here to read the review of Season One. Special thanks to Anne for lending us the show.

Well, what a fun day! Not only because I had a half-day at college, but also because it was my brother’s 17th birthday. After getting some work done, it was good to relax with his favourite meal (Chinese take-out) and gaming presents (I would recommend Hyrule Warriors, but I’m unsure on new-release Evolve).

But I’ve also had a good week. I performed in a fun pantomime with the witty name Phantomime, I am currently half-way through watching the Oscars, as I wasn’t one of the devoted who stayed up for 1:30am, and I finally got hold of Season 2 of The Fall. Oh how I’ve missed the cat-and-mouse chase. This will be a fairly quick review. I’ll pretty much just say what was better/not better. Simple enough, let’s get going. Continue reading The Fall (Season 2)