Thanks to…

I will forever be in debt to the many people who have given their time to helping me make this film. To name just a few…

My cameraman, James Stittle, who gave up two weeks of work to come out to Jordan to film, helped keep me sane during production, and spent weeks afterwards encoding the footage, helping to organise the translation and co-ordinating the edit.

My editor, Sean Griffin, who also gave up weeks of his time – somehow fitted around a full-time job – to produce a trailer and complete the first edit of the film.

Rawan Ziadah, Ban Barkawi, Wided Khadraoui, and Rana Kassrmalli, who worked as translators, going through many hours of interview footage and spending days meticulously translating it from Arabic to English to enable us to cut the film. None of them had worked on a film before – and they had only just heard about our project – but their work was brilliant.

Mohammed Ghazal and Khetam Malkawi, who gave up their valuable time from their journalism careers in Jordan to work as fixers and interpreters. Khetam travelled to Mafraq with us, acting as an interpreter for our interviews with local people. Without their guidance and support this film wouldn’t have been possible.

Alex McAusland, without whose support I would never have made the trip out to Jordan in the first place, and Ian Hovell, who helped keep us going during the days of filming in Jordan. Mark Nelkin and Bob Linnell, who have been a constant source of invaluable advice, support and expertise throughout the filmmaking process.

The countless people who helped plan and support our trip on the ground, including, among many others, Matthew Teller, Pete Rice, Mark Lewis, Sharif Al-Majali, Ayeman Arabyeat, Carsten Hansen, Andrew Harper, Robert Beer, Christian Jepson, Maurizio Crivellaro, Oraib Al Rantawi, Ali Bibi, Nicolai Schuemann, Volker Schimmel, Rob Maroni, Hussam Masri, Lina Ejeilat, Fadia Sleem, Erin Gray, Christopher Phillips, Daniel Davies, Elsy Melkonian, Cassandra Nelson, Kete Shabani, Marc Petzoldt, Laila Tomeh, Amjad Alfayez, Jonathan Perry, Samir Badran, Raymond Gordon, Aoife McDonnell, Tala Kattan, Talin Sahakian, Laura Takacs, Khalid Shaka, Danielle Feinstein, Ali Omari, Refat Salameh, Stuart Hughes, Katrina Sammour, Mamoon Asad, Rami Qtaishat, Sakhr Al-Makhadhi, Ahmad Khatib, Yanal Kassay, Huda Al Shabsogh, Husam Nin and Jafar Shiyab.