About the filmmakers

Richard Nield – Director / Producer

Richard is an established international journalist, broadcaster and filmmaker with more than 10 years’ experience covering the Middle East and Africa.

He has been published and broadcast by news organisations including the BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, The Economist, The Financial Times, The Independent and Foreign Policy magazine.

Richard has reported from throughout the Middle East and Africa, and has a passion for telling stories of international significance from the point of view of the local people affected.


James Stittle (Sound/Camera) and Sean Griffin (Editor) have over 15 years’ combined experience in film and television, their work taking them everywhere from TV documentaries and international news broadcasters to Hollywood blockbusters.

Four years ago they formed independent production company Papercut Pictures to work on their own documentary projects and have produced short films for a range of clients including charities, NGOs and corporations.


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