Quality & Training Organisation with expertise in many areas including Six Sigma, Process Management, Customer Service & Management Systems

Services Ltd was founded as a Quality Consultancy and training organisation in 1983 by Professor Tony Bendell, who still runs the company today. We have national and international coverage from our head office in Nottingham. We pride ourselves that our consultants and trainers are constantly regarded as exceptional.

“I've been involved in IT and improvement in one way or another for over 20 years, and during that time I've attended training at Microsoft, IBM, BSI and Lloyds Register, and whilst that training was in itself very good, the service Tony and his team provides is head and shoulders above. Tony and his team are hugely knowledgeable and experienced, and are able to convey that experience of real world examples throughout their training. I've not enjoyed a learning experience so much in a very long time. Tony and his team are excellent - knowledgeable and personable, the facilities are excellent, and the training strikes a perfect blend of theory and practice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the services provided by Tony and his team to anyone, and indeed already have! I've been extremely impressed, and will look to my own organisation with a view to further using Tony and his team. Excellent!” Graham Yates; AVIVA

Our services include: strategic and process consultancy, executive mentoring, senior staff and workforce training and development, team building, change management, organisational stocktakes, benchmarking and assessment support for organisations of all sizes and all types. We have externally recognized expertise in many areas including: Six Sigma (up to and including Master Black Belt level) and Process Management, Customer Service Management, Continuous Improvement, Best Value, Leadership and Team working, Human Resource Management, application of the EFQM Excellence Model, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard implementation, developing and supporting Creativity, TQM, Risk Management, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, integrated management systems.

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