Sioned Quirke RD

SionedWelcome to Quirky Nutrition home to expert, honest nutrition and dietetic information. My name is Sioned Quirke (hence the Quirky nutrition) and I’m certainly Quirky by name Quirky by nature!

I’m a lead specialist dietitian and passionate about it. I currently work for the NHS and the media. I am registered with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and am professionally accountable to the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

The internet can be like the Wild West in terms of finding evidence based advice, rather than unqualified or unregistered people providing their opinion. How do you separate fact from fiction? My mission is to provide practical, safe advice based on current evidence and my vast experience having been a dietitian for nearly a decade. Check out my What is a Dietician page on what a dietitian is, what we do and the qualifications needed to be one.

I love food and learning about its affect on our bodies and health. I also love cooking and trying new foods. I translate the science of nutrition into practical information so that people can make informed choices about their diets and lifestyles. I hope that the information I provide will inspire and make people think about their diet and lifestyles.

My specialist interests are in weight management, diabetes and behavioral change, but I also work in a variety of other fields including gastroenterology, heart health and nutrition support / malnutrition (being underweight). Due to my specialist knowledge and experience, I have had the opportunity to work with the Welsh Government, The National Obesity Forum Wales and other high profile agencies with developmental work, policies and national care pathways.

My passion for media work has taken me on an amazing journey. I thrive to provide genuine advice to the masses and media is the best way I‘ve found of doing it. I have nearly 10 years experience working with all kinds of media – T.V, articles, quotes as well as radio and am a spokesperson for the BDA. I provide a media service in Welsh or English. Have a look at my Media page for work I’ve already done including photos and video clips

I am a fluent Welsh speaker and love my language!

I am a mother to a beautiful little girl, and like all parents, have certainly learned a lot from my child, this is reflected in the practical information I provide.

I believe that life is for living not dieting, there are no ‘banned’ foods – its all about a balanced diet. People are fed up of hearing about what they’re not allowed to eat and, on the opposite end of the scale, so called ‘superfoods’ that we have to eat (there’s a new one every week) for optimum health. Food is such an important part of our lives that I want people to be confident and happy with their diet. so, sit back and enjoy my website.

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