Eat, Drink and be HEALTHY at Christmas

‘Tis the season of OVER INDULGENCE in rich, delicious and generally UNHEALTHY food. But, panic not! You can still ENJOY the festivities without GUILT by making some HEALTHIER choices.

On average, people GAIN 5lbs (2kg) in WEIGHT over Christmas and spend the next few months REGRETTING it or trying to LOSE the excess weight – some without much SUCCESS. The average person can EAT their way through 6,000 calories on Christmas day ALONE, never mind the run up to Christmas with TREATS all over the house and parties. 6,000 calories is about THREE times as much as we need so no wonder Christmas can be an AGONY for people trying to watch their WEIGHT. Having a HIGH calorie Christmas probably wouldn’t be such an issue if the indulgence were RESTRICTED to December 25th. The problem is that most people view Christmas as a ‘FESTIVE PERIOD’ and use it as an EXCUSE to BINGE.

If your FRIDGE is STUFFED full of food for the Christmas period chances are YOU will be too. It may be time to CHANGE your thinking, we tend to take a ‘siege’ mentality and over-cater – CHRISTMAS IS ONLY A DAY!! Are the cheese boards, biscuits, nuts, snacks and piles of chocolate really necessary? NO!

It’s FAMILY that makes Christmas special NOT FOOD!

Whilst there is no reason to feel GUILTY about ENJOYING yourself, these tips may give you some ideas on how to be HEALTHIER over Christmas:

  • Start the day with BREAKFAST and you’ll be less likely to SNACK through the day.
  • Fill yourself up on lots of tasty VEGETABLES – not only will they keep you FULL but they are packed full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Cut down on a few POTATOES and opt for extra VEG.
  • Being ACTIVE will help you work off those extra CALORIES, so instead of an afternoon snooze why not go for a family walk after your Christmas dinner – make it a TRADITION. Why not PLAY with the children or BOP to some Christmas tunes!
  • Don’t STUFF your FRIDGE or cupboards with goodies – buy what you NEED and leave it at that. Don’t be TEMPTED by bargain packs or multi-buy offers – you’ll only feel the need to eat them.
  • Simply DON’T BUY tempting foods! Why put yourself through the torture of having them around?
  • Out of SIGHT out of MOUTH. If you MUST buy tempting foods for OTHERS in the household (although it’s probably not doing them any good either) put them out of SIGHT. Having a BOWL of sweets on the table isn’t going to help you!
  • POST-ITS! If you’re worried you may ‘slip up’ and be TEMPTED – use post-it notes to remind yourself NOT to give in!11067694_s
  • Keep PORTION CONTROL in mind – forego that extra spoonful, enjoy what you have but do it in MODERATION. Don’t go OVERBOARD!
  • Beware ALCOHOL, it’s very HIGH in calories and we sometimes lose track of how MUCH we have! Set yourself a LIMIT before you go out.
  • Try to keep SNACKS to a minimum – you don’t NEED them!
  • When cooking TURKEY don’t add OIL or BUTTER and prick the skin to allow some of the FAT to DRAIN out of the meat. Eating the SKIN will significantly add calories to your meal.
  • To reduce the FAT in your GRAVY, pour the turkey JUICES into a JUG, let is settle and SKIM the fat off the surface and use the juice that’s left behind.
  • Take your TIME over your meal – this will help you RECOGNISE when you’re getting full rather than feeling UNCOMFORTABLE for the rest of the afternoon. It will also help you DIGEST your meal and you’ll ENJOY it more.

Have a WONDERFUL and HEALTHY Christmas