I like short stories. At their best, their combination of complexity and ruthless brevity is very appealing. They also allow room for exploration with different effects style and structure and to try out different genres.

From time to time I will post up some of my experiments with the form and would be more than happy to receive any comments.

Here are some of the stories I have had published.

The University of Chester produce an excellent biannual anthology of stories. I was lucky enough to get this included in the April 2014 edition alongside work by Samuel Beckett and Kate Chopin which was pretty cool. I hope you enjoy Perishing.

Hard Boiled featured in Author, A Single Scarlet Dahlia was in Flash Magazine and Nowhere Special featured in the autumn 2014 edition of Scribble.

I was fortunate enough to be placed joint second in the Writer’s Forum second flash competition with Pitter Patter.