Quasar, Laserzone, Laser Tag… It’s the all weather laser adventure quest in Sheffield!

It’s a great physical activity for the young and the young at heart, and unlike bowling, you are active for the whole game not just when it’s ‘your go’!

It’s a futuristic, live action, ‘shoot em up’ – like being the star in your own sci-fi action thriller or video game!

It is played indoors & is an all weather activity, played either in teams or as individuals, minimum number needed for a game is 2 players.

Before you play you will get a full briefing including safety rules – then you will be sent into the arena on a mission to have FUN! The idea is to zap other players and destroy their base – all done with a harmless laser gun! You get points for zapping enemies and lose points when you get zapped. Every player will receive a personal scorecard that tells them just how well (or badly!) they did.

Quasar is a great, fun place for celebrating & we do some excellent value party packages for kids, as well as group, youth group, school and corporate deals. All with the option of food and drink included…in fact there is a package to suit just about everyone whatever their budget! Fill out a booking enquiry form or give us a call to book your session.


Quasar is a non-contact, physical activity, and we take several precautions to make sure every one has a great time without getting bumped or knocked, we also have a pre-prepared risk assessment for visiting groups if required:

  1. Before you play everyone has to listen to a detailed briefing, which explains how to play, but more importantly we tell you the safety rules: –
    No Running. No Physical contact. No Climbing or crawling.
  2. Anyone found breaking the safety rules or endangering other players will be removed from the game – So stick to the rules!
  3. We try (wherever possible) to only put players of a similar age in the same game.
  4. We welcome parents / carers of younger children to join in the game or just walk round and watch.Remember –‘ Play by the rules and everyone goes home smiling!’

Do the lasers hurt?

No – the lasers that we use are extremely low powered and are perfectly safe for this activity. If you were expecting a super powerful laser cannon that can blast holes through walls, I am afraid we don’t do them!

How long is a game?

Each game is 20 minutes long.This includes time for getting the equipment on / off and the safety briefing, so the actual playing time will be around 15 minutes.

What should I wear, is there any special clothing?

You should wear whatever you are comfortable in, (no not your pajamas!), and wear trainers or flat-soled shoes with grip. Don’t wear your best Armani suit or high heels!!

Do I need to book?

Strictly speaking – No – But we always advise that you book before you come to the site so that your place in the game/s is reserved as we can get very busy (especially at the weekend).

Are there any lockers?

No – you can leave coats / jumpers etc in the ‘air lock’ while you play but it is at your own risk and we strongly advise that you keep all your valuables with you at all times, (so don’t bring your brand new, diamond studded, mobile phone with you unless it fits easily into your pocket!)

If you have any other questions please give us a call and we will be happy to answer them!