After surviving 12 years in the City and thriving on the buzz of the trading floor as a corporate bond analyst, it was after having my first wee man I decided it was time for a new chapter, quite literally. So two years, another bubby and a first draft later I feel I’m finally on the way to achieving my goal toward becoming a published author. I appreciate with everyone and their mother vying for attention on the web, starting their own blogs, websites and sundry (gloriously shameless) forms of online self-promotion it begs the question is there anything left unsaid these days? Be that as it may, I’m here anyway. It’s a journal to share with others documenting my writing journey, novel extracts and character analyses. I also hope to share my thoughts, anxieties, struggles and hone what limited literary skills I possess and challenge myself to come up with fresh content on a regular basis. I think of it as a living, breathing CV, a business card, if you will (and I will).

With a draft of my novel now complete I face a long road ahead. Editing, revising, editing, proof-reading, (did I mention editing?) facing the inevitable rejections, I have my work cut out. So what is this book all about, you may wonder?
Two Pennies follows May, a brilliant and beautiful bond trader navigating her way through the chaos of the City and turmoil of the credit crunch. Ambitious, self-possessed and fiercely independent, life has taught May to rely on no one but herself.  But one auspicious Tube journey home, marred by delays and the overwhelming humanity of rush hour, jars her sensibilities. It marks the beginning of a series of events that slowly dissolves the illusory perception of control May has come to embrace.
A remarkable discovery unearthed from the depths of the London Underground introduces Sarah, a young nurse forging her own path in war-torn London. As both May and Sarah’s worlds collapse around them, each face the challenges ahead with poise and steely reserve until the two journeys collide, unlocking the shackles of the past and liberating their future.
If this sounds interesting (or even if it doesn’t) keep up with my blog and feel free to comment, share and enjoy!