10 reasons to love the shorter days

10 reasons to love the shorter days

As we pass the autumnal equinox and the sun dips ever lower on the horizon in favour of our rival rugby nations, I confess I’m filled with glee. Odd you say, this penchant that flies in the face of conventional wisdom professing we, as Vitamin D deficient Brits must all worship the sun and mourn its loss come every September, I can’t help myself. It’s the crisp crackle in the air I crave that feels like the start of a new year, much more so than dreary January (Yea, yea, ha ha.). Not convinced? Here are my ten reasons to cheer the dark days ahead.

10. Return of Downton. Who knew narratives revolving around missing cufflinks and critical dinnertime wardrobe decisions (tails or dinner jacket? Oh the shenanigans) could prove so captivating? However shall I fill my Sunday evenings next year sans Cousin Violet’s zinger one-liners?

9. Tights. ┬áMaking a stealth sartorial come back, ladies, and not too soon. Now is when I ditch the loofa and forego relentless scrubbing, buffing, shaving, tanning– REPEAT. Shelving the St. Tropez my limbs return to their natural chalky glory in full confidence a thin veneer of nylon– be it sheer, opaque, nude, black or patterned is balled up somewhere in the nether regions of my sock drawer to veil a multitude of sins. AT LAST.

8. Boots. Ankle, knee-high or thigh’s the limit, they’re the quick fashion fix to smarten-up my school run ensemble. No more open-toe anxiety. (See above.)

7. Speaking of school runs, SCHOOL’S IN!

6. University Challenge returns. I’m a geek. Sadly, not a clever one. Most of the time I’m completely bewildered, but it’s worth watching for Paxman’s withering quips.

5. Colour, colour everywhere! Acres of verdant foliage? Meh. Enough already. Give me Hyde Park in all its technicolour glory.


3. Fire up the, erm… fire. Wood, gas or electric, it’s me, wine and Strictly. No more apologies for flaking on the neighbours’ bbq.

2. Halloween… The holiday that keeps on giving, (that is until we reach the crusty dregs of the candy bowl.) What? I’m American. It’s in my DNA.

1. Christmas is just around the corner. (Already?!) To all your Scrooges out there, humbug!

Honourable mention: An extra hour!





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