About me


I am a gigging stand-up comedian, writer and voice over artist, living and working in Edinburgh. I’ve been writing for a few years now and have written scripts for companies like Dewar’s Whisky and the audio tour company Walking Heads. I also wrote the 5* 2012 Fringe show, Lingua Frank. In 2013 I decided to put myself in the front line and wrote and performed my first stand up Fringe show ‘That Funny Blind Guy’ which, thank God, went well picking up a 4* review. This launched me onto the Scottish Comedy circuit and in August 2014 I returned to fringe for my second show ‘ That Funny Blind Guy 2’ which went even better picking up threes 4* review plus loads of press. I was also honoured to be invited onto Myrven Stutter’s ‘Pick of the Fringe show’.

I was under the impression that I was the only blind comedian in the circuit till I saw Chris McCausland on the Barclays advert. I still think i’m the only one in Scotland. Any Scottish banks want to rival Barclays then please get in touch! My Shamelessly Scottish tones have voiced adverts for companies like Ross Harper and Tennents beer.  Please check  out my JamieMacDonald voice reel