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Frank is a writer, comedian and actor who lives in Penarth.  He has performed as a comic all over the country and is an experienced MC of both corporate events and charity balls.
He has written for Ruth Jones, Russell Howard and S4C’s sports chat show “Jonathan”.  He has had several pieces of work commissioned by the BBC.
Frank wrote, co-produced and acted in S4C’s “Pedwar”, a semi-fictional comedy which received critical acclaim on its release in 2015.  He has also acted in several BBC Radio sitcoms and starred in Sky 1’s “Stella”.
Frank has owned a plush moustache long before it was fashionable and will continue to own a moustache once the fad is no longer trendy.  He has no visible tattoos and does not own four pugs.  He has two pet crows (Cheryl and Russell) and a squirrel (Cyril) whom he feeds every day.

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