Southport Vets League 2019

Team Averages and Results (as of Fri 20th Sep)

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Division 1

Banks "A" Banks "B" Crowlands
Fleetwood Hesketh "A" Formby Holy Trinity "A" Hoole "A"
London Sphinx Mere Brow Scarisbrick NSC "A"
Tarleton Victoria Park "A" Zetland Hotel

Division 2

Ainsdale "A" Botanic "A" Fleetwood Hesketh "B"
Formby Park "A" Freshfield "A" Hesketh Bank
Hesketh Hobbies Hesketh Merlins Hoole "B"
Our Lady's Formby "A" Scarisbrick B.C "A" The Northern

Division 3

Ainsdale "B" Botanic "B" Crossens
Formby Holy Trinity "B" Formby Park "B" Formby S & S C
Freshfield "B" Our Lady's Formby "B" Sandbrook Park
Scarisbrick B.C."B" Scarisbrick NSC "B" Victoria Park "B""