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I am Jason Moore, guilty as charged. I was born in 1971 and raised on a diet of Findus Crispy Pancakes and banana flavoured Toffos. In my early years I was obsessed with creating stories, so writing should always have been my first love, but in 1979 I was introduced to the Atari Video Computer System, or VCS for short, and rather tragically videogames got in the way.

If I wasn’t playing games I was trying to write my own, firstly on the Sinclair ZX81, then the Spectrum. It wasn’t all about gaming though. I was recently reminded that I used to write stories for my class in secondary school, and was allowed to read them out on Friday afternoons in Mrs Late’s English class. Making the class laugh was always the priority, though that often meant the tales were closer to the wrong side of naughty than they should have been.

Another passion which got in the way of my writing was music, the feeble songs written for my school band certainly had very little literary merit. I went on to study music for A level in sixth form, and at home two of my passions came together; I began writing musical demonstration discs for the Commodore Amiga. Little more than an excuse for rival ‘crews’ to show off to each other, it was a rewarding pursuit none the less.

After leaving school I worked in retail before joining a pharmaceutical company and studying accounts. Thankfully after five years of office life I took the plunge and abandoned everything in favour of writing. This time it was two different passions which came together, writing and gaming. Released in 1995 Retrogames was the first fanzine dedicated to collectors of videogames. The magazine kick started the whole retrogaming scene, and the company is still growing successfully today. The success of the fanzine also lead to many jobs writing in mainstream games magazines like C&VG, PC Zone and Edge.

The obstacles kept on coming though, my love of music inspired me to open a record shop in North London, which only recently closed after almost twenty very groovy years. By 2008 my family had grown too, with four fabulous children to divert my attentions. I was also still creating music, eight albums of unsuccessful songs sit on the shelf as I write.

Finally in 2013 I decided enough was enough. The book i’d been promising myself i’d write for decades was finally going to get started, and eight months later, The Flabberwocky was born. The feedback so far has been amazing, and right now it feels like i’ve finally found my direction in life. I have wasted so much time on everything else, when what I should have been doing was this. Hopefully there’s lots of you out there who’ll enjoy my first book. If i’m very lucky, and the Flabberwocky works her magic, my dream that I can dedicate the rest of my life to writing may just come true.

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