The Opiniorati

I remember when Blogs were just surnames for people called Joe. Now it is the term given to pages like this one. Has anybody realised we’re in the midst of an epidemic, blogging is everywhere. Opinion is everything, good, bad, or indifferent, it doesn’t matter. Today more than ever, the media is being pummelled into shape by regular people. By day they work their nine to five, but come the evening they’re on the internet, carving out niches for their untamed influence.

OPIN-IOR-ATI ; Verb : The new wave of free thinkers and opinion makers.

People trust review blogs because they’re not written by paid reviewers, they’re supposedly written for fun, they reek of authenticity. It’s a status bloggers revel in.  But while blog creators might not take financial benefit, they certainly enjoy their notoriety. The biggest have internet followings that blue chip companies would die for. Opinion is everywhere, type a title of a book, album, film or game into google, and you will find it reviewed on multiple pages by hoards of nobodies seeking validation for their opinions. Prolific reviewers compete with each other on amazon leaderboards. It seems nothing is un-reviewable, a screwdriver, a glue stick, a pair of socks. Eventually every category of daily life will be packaged, branded and reviewed daily by a dedicated blogger.

But beware of the opinion overlords, these hyper bloggers are already becoming so powerful they can squash something into the ground before it’s even surfaced. My recent quest for suitable blogs to review The Flabberwocky has found a high percentage unwilling to take self published work. What a pity that these purveyors of opinion can not see the benefit of exposing something new. Perhaps daring to be different would earn far more respect than following the same well worn trends.

In the dark days before reviewers and bloggers we relied on packaging, artwork and blurbs. Highly paid advertising executives influenced our buying decisions. High streets were full of shops, and shops were full of choice. Today the only choice is to be blogged or forever cast into obscurity.


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