She’s Alive!

Welcome to the internet home of the Flabberwocky, the larger than life star of Jason Moore’s debut novel.

On this site you’ll find out lots more about both her and her creator. You will also find some additional artwork from the story in our gallery section. If you are yet to purchase, our ‘where to buy’ section provides links allowing you to buy the book, or download it onto your kindle.

If you are curious about any aspect of the book and want to know more, then please comment on the posts and i’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Finally if you run a blog dedicated to reading and reviewing books, please feel free to contact me for a free promotional copy. The Flabberwocky won’t die because she got a hoof stuck in her throat, but because I didn’t do a good enough job making the world aware of her existence. Her very future depends on the support of our visitors and reviewers, and that includes anyone taking the time to read this. Many thanks..

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