Dragons at Downing Live in the Howard Theatre


A panel of Downing Enterprise Board members will judge pitches from the 6 finalists of this year’s competition. 

The Board constitutes expertise in venture capital, investment banking, private equity, manufacturing and intellectual property.


Join us for a live 'Dragons Den' style business competition, attendance is free. 

Howard Theatre, Downing College

15th of March 18:00  - 20:00

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An AI analytics platform that will process images from Sentinel-1 and 2 satellites to supply a holistic overview of the agricultural waste production. Creating an exchange on which biochemical companies can purchase these waste products for their needs in a more regular and predictable manner and at lower prices than the cost of virgin feedstock from dedicated land.

Swap Trumps
This allows groups of friends to create a simple profile (with a photo, name and bio) and match with other friendship groups in the area. The apple app has been launched in Cambridge. With over 250 downloads in the first 24 hours, it quickly built up traction, with 500 downloads to date on iOS alone.

Four Elements - A Physical Gaming Experience
For those who like to spend more time with friends and family, who are dissatisfied with games that are difficult to learn or take long to play, Four Elements is the easy and fun way that provides intuitive gameplay for young and old. We have sold over 120 games in 2017 with a revenue of £7,080 and have raised £1,600 in a recent Kickstarter campaign. 

H24E Innovia
We envision to sell hydrogen on demand at convenience, using a certain material and our patented Ultra-Short Pulse Laser (“USPL”) technology, which is 100% more efficient than conventional water electrolysis. We work with Kyoto University, Japan, which has already obtained relevant patents in Japan and the patents-pending at Patent Cooperation Treaty. Our goal will be achieved by producing hydrogen on demand and/or leasing on our patented proprietary formula, which we aim to commercialize in 2018.

Downing Eliminator
The race is named ​’The Downing Eliminator’. Our unique race format involves 8 competitors, each on their own erg, racing over 30 second intervals. After the end of each interval, the rower who has covered the least distance is eliminated.This repeats for a total of 7 intervals until there is only 1 rower remaining, the winner. The inaugural Downing Eliminator took place within Downing’s Howard Theatre at the beginning of February. The unique competition style attracted World Record Holder Sean Gaffney to attend the event and lead the awards ceremony.

The Fingr Saver
A breathable and water-permeable device to protect the ends of fingers from contact or pressure, which allows you to use your hands as normal. Easy to use and fast to put on, the Fingr Saver is an inexpensive and safe way to deal with anything from injuries like cuts and burns, to ensuring painted nails are smudge-free.

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