School Testimonials

Both my daughters attend the Caroline Graham school of dance and they enjoy and look forward to dance class ever week. My eldest daughter has attended since she was 9.  Caroline has not only taught her to dance but has given her confidence to believe in herself.  
My youngest daughter started to dance when she was 2 and a half years old in the melody bear class and was initially quite shy.  She soon developed a love of dancing through the mix of music and movement that this offered and it prepared her well to make the transition to exam grade classes.
Over the last 4 years they have both succeeded in gaining excellent exam results in tap and modern.
Mum of Florence age 6

A lovely dance class. Learning in a nice and friendly environment with a
very patient teacher.

Mum of Olivia age 3

I cant imagine any child – boy or girl- not enjoying Carolines dance class.Ballet, tap, disco and other moves are taught in a fun way by an excellent,patient teacher. As a parent it is lovely to watch and its also good value.Give it a try!

Mum of Sophie age 3

Bethan has been doing classes with caroline since she was 3 and really looks
forward to them. She was a bit nervous at her first lesson but Caroline is
very patient and encouraging with the young ones and the emphasis is always
to have fun. I’ve never pushed Bethan to keep going to classes but at the
beginning of each term she’s always keen to go back.

Mum of Bethan age 5