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Cheeky Chimp City Book


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 Exciting Cheeky Chimp Adventure

Cheeky Chimp loves a mystery and he likes to fight crime too. But will his friends Sam, Lucy, Darcy and Kendra be able to help him in his fight against crime? Recently in the Cheeky Chimp City news a number of security trucks loaded with bananas have been robbed! Cheeky needs to know “Who is taking the bananas and why?” He needs help him solve this dastardly crime but can they help him?


He knows what to do and he sets them challenges all over the city. One clue leads to another until finally they will meet a very important chimp indeed the Prime Minister.  He tells them who’s behind the recent robberies and that two of Monkey Intelligent five (MI5) agents sent to following the gang have now gone missing!       


Professor Grumpy Gorilla and his Orangutan Gang are back in town! They recently escaped from the Clink prison. They were caught stealing the crown jewels and the Queen was so furious that she told the prison guards to throw away the keys.  But now he’s free and stealing all the bananas and storing them in a huge warehouse on the river? The Cheeky Chimps have to work together to find the Professor and the mountain of bananas. Can they avoid capture as they follow the clues speeding down the river in hot pursuit of the grumpiest mastermind in the world?


What is the Professor doing with the bananas? Will the Cheeky Chimps be able to solve the mystery in time?  Will Kendra ever be able to resist all those bananas? Will Professor Grumpy ever smile? Follow the chimps on a fantastic adventure to solve the great London banana mystery

Cheeky Chimp Toys


Cheeky Chimp Soft Toy 

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38cm tall of soft plush Monkey

£ 14.99 plus £3.99 UK postage Total £18.98

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The Professor Soft Toy 

The38 cm tall of soft plush toy

£ 14.99 plus £3.99 UK postage Total £18.98

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Meet The Stars

Cheeky Chimp

Cheeky Chimp Final 2

He is the leader of the Cheeky Chimps .

 He loves solving mysteries and puzzles of any kind.


The Professor


Prof. Grumpy Gorilla Final 3  He’s a criminal mastermind and  was  linked to a number of spectacular  banana robbery across the world !



Sam Final

The first recruit to the gang and Cheeky’s best friend. Sam’s a cool Chimp



Kendra Final

She met Sam and Cheeky at a cycling proficiency course, she came top of the class, and followed the boys home.  She likes to make them banana smoothies and other banana recipes.




Darcy Final


Despite her “fluffy” appearance Darcy has a sharp brain for puzzles, she just needs it to be fun or  to be paid in chocolate.  She keeps the gang up to date with all the latest fashion trends.




When Lucy actually looks up from reading her books (she reads a lot of books) she is the cleverest of the gang, after Cheeky of course.  She dislikes fashion and ignores Darcy as much as possible in that area although they do both love the colour purple.




character 1character 2



               Ken   &   Stoddy




 These two secret agents are the best in town getting caught !


                                            PC Robert

Gorila Police Final



                                                         Allo Allo Allo  Move on nothing to see here !


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