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Toffee Hair, at Defaith Hair

Terms & Conditions

Hair Extensions

What is Remy Hair?

Remy or Remi hair is a term refers to the characteristics in the collection of the hair, it is not a brand name.

Remy hair is know to be the highest grade of real natural human hair extensions, Remy hair is collected by an appointment directly from the hair donor. The Cuticle are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction, so is less likely to tangle. Hair is tied in one direction, harvested and the direction of hair is preserved.

Remy hair comes from several different locations in the world. A lot of the hair donors are Indian, Mongolian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Asian. European are donors also, but most their hair is commonly used in wigs and hairpieces. Most popular is Indian and then Brazilian, because of its texture and colour.

Virgin hair texture can be in straight, wavy or curly. The hair is 100% virgin when it has not gone through any form of chemical processing, like perm, colour or other form of process. It becomes non virgin once it goes through any of the above processing. The most common processing is colour change.

Remy Hair Single Drawn: This type of Remy hair is taken out directly from the scalp by shaving the head. Care is taken to remove the very short hair, with the longer hair found in different hair length, giving it a pony tail look.

Remy Hair Double Drawn: This type of hair has the same wave length in a piece. the hairs are arranged with equal lengths. There will not be any short hair piece.


An individual who uses Toffee Remy hair extensions will experience less matting, tangling or shedding. Toffee Remy hair also gives a more healthier, natural, smother, shinier appearance , Toffee Remy hair last longer, more durable, easy to comb and gives you the natural look.

Toffee Hair Remy hair is affordable, as our hair is directly supplied by the source. We only use 100% raw materials. Toffee Remy hair is available in Weft, Bulk and Clip-on.


Body Wave 100% Remy Human Hair

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Straight 100% Remy Human Hair weft

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Deep Wave 100% Remy Human Hair

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Clip in Straight 100% Remy Human

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Bulk Hair 100% Remy Human Hair

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Clip in Straight Synthetic

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Expression Ultra Braids

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Jerry Curl 100% Remy Human Hair

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Italian Wave 100% Remy Human Hair

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