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The @The Edge Café will be a café for everyone in the Coopers Edge area! You will find us in the @The Edge Community Centre which is located adjacent to the Coopers Edge School, in the heart of this thriving community.

Whether you’re a frazzled parent, toddler bursting with energy or someone who is looking to get out and about and make new friends, @The Edge Café will be the place for you!

The café is now OPEN! We hope you will come an join us for a cuppa and a catch up!.

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Breakfast Tempters

The Edgy Breakfast Butty ~ with Local Handmade Pork Sausages, Bacon and egg for ~ £3.75
Sausages Butty ~ With pork or veggie sausage for ~ £2.75 or add a egg ~ £3.00
Bacon Butty ~ With Bacon Rashers for ~ £2.75 or add a egg ~ £3.00
All Served on Malted Wheat or Farmhouse White Bread with Tomato or Brown Sauce
Warmed Jumbo Croissant ~ with Butter or Healthy Spread ~ £1.50 or with Preserve ~ £1.95
Toasted Bread Slices ~ with Butter or Healthy Spread ~ £1.25 or with Preserve ~ £1.70

Anytime Treats

The Edgy Cream Tea ~ Two homemade scones served with strawberry preserve, clotted cream, Butter or Healthy Spread with a pot of tea ~ £3.75
Homemade Scone ~ Two homemade scones served with Strawberry Preserve and clotted cream ~ £2.25
Selection of Homemade Cakes ~ Available from ~ £1.75
Tray Bakes and Cookies ~ Available from £1.00
Toasted Fruit Bread ~ with Butter or Healthy Spread ~ £1.65
Jam Doughnut ~ Warm or Cold ~ £1.00
Paninis ~ Served with a dressed salad ~ Available from ~ £2.95

See our special board for today’s options 

Coffee Selection

Americano ~ espresso diluted with hot water, served as it is or with hot or cold milk ~ £1.75
Flat White ~ a classic smooth coffee with a milky finish ~ £2.00
Cappuccino ~ espresso with smooth steamed milk and glossy wet foam finished with a light dusting of chocolate ~ £1.95
Latte ~ espresso topped with velvety smooth steamed milk ~ £1.95
Espresso ~ a short intensely flavoursome rich coffee ~ £1.60 ~ or double shot ~ £1.95
Mocha ~ an indulgent blend of espresso and hot chocolate topped with velvety steamed milk ~ £2.25
Nescafe Decaffeinated ~ per mug ~ £1.60

Alternative Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate ~ creamy and smooth rich chocolate ~ £2.00
The Edge’s Deluxe Hot Chocolate ~ WOW yourself with our hot chocolate topped with an explosion of whipped cream, sprinkles, mini marshmallows and drizzled chocolate sauce ~ £2.75
Babycino ~ something for the little ones, foamed hot milk topped with chocolate sprinkles ~ £1.00
English Tea ~ per mug ~ £1.25 ~ per pot ~ £2.00
Selection of Flavoured and Fruit Teas ~ per mug ~ £1.50
See our special board for options
English Decaffeinated ~ per mug ~ £1.25

Cold Drinks

Orange or Apple Juice ~ £1.75
Fruit juices ~ £1.75
Milk ~ 50p


The @The Edge Café is looking for volunteers to help make this community asset a success. If you have a few hours to spare and would like to join us on our journey please contact to discuss the opportunities that are available

Coopers Edge Community Centre


Registered address:
Coopers Edge Community Centre.
Typhoon Way, Brockworth, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 4BQ

Tel: 01452 612067

Registered company: 07407883
The Coopers Edge Trust registered charity: 1142679

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