Results round up 4 – 9 August

North Derbyshire: 09/08/2018 Glossop B v Manor Park Awaiting result
Tameside Vets: 08/08/2018 Manor Park Cedar B 10.5
Tameside Ladies: 08/08/2018 Hyde Club 9 Manor Park 3
Longdendale: 04/08/2018 James North 11 Manor Park 1.5
Longdendale 05/08/2018 Victoria B Manor Park 3
Stockport Vets Pairs: 06/08/2018 Manor Park 69 Hazel Grove 61
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 07/08/2018 Manor Park 63 Birch Hall 82

Manor Park Bowling Club Christmas Meal


Friday 7th December 2018
Glossop Cricket and Bowling Club

Great Buffet (see below), Entertainment for Dancing and an Exciting Raffle

Well. It’s approaching late summer and Christmas is not that far away so it’s time to think about the club Christmas Party and Presentation Evening.

As it was a great success last year, this year’s Xmas bash is to be held again at the Glossop Cricket and Bowls Club (North Road)

It’s a chance to let your hair down and get into the spirit of Christmas whilst at the same time applauding those members who have excelled in the club this year.

There’s a great buffet, entertainment throughout the evening and a raffle (what more could you want).

Tickets priced at £15 (as per last year) will be on sale shortly. Please put your name and number of tickets on the order sheet which is on display in the clubhouse, as well as your choices of what is on offer.

So don’t delay, place your order for tickets asap and then look forward to a great evening out whilst supporting the club.

Details of the buffet are displayed below.

  • Chili with Crusty Bread
  • Chicken Curry 50/50 Rice and Chips
  • Meat and Potato Pie with Red Cabbage
  • Lasagne with Side Salad
  • Cheese and Onion Pie and Chips

Results round up 28 July – 2 August

North Derbyshire: 02/08/2018 Manor Park 139 Buxton Park B 133
Tameside Vets: 01/08/2018 King George B 3 Manor Park 13.5
Tameside Ladies: 01/08/2018 Manor Park 7 Dobcross 6
Longdendale: 28/07/2018 No match
Stockport Vets Pairs: 30/07/2018 Poynton Sports 51 Manor Park 84
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 31/07/2018 Trades Hall 82 Manor Park 55

Results round up 21 – 26 July

North Derbyshire: 26/07/2018 Fairfield 151 Manor Park 130
Tameside Vets: 25/07/2018 Grapes 8 Manor Park 7.5
Tameside Ladies: 25/07/2018 Fitzroy 2 Manor Park 12
Longdendale: 21/07/2018 No match
Stockport Vets Pairs: 23/07/2018 Manor Park 79 Friendship 2   57
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 24/07/2018 No match

Results round up 14 – 19 July

North Derbyshire: 19/07/2018 Manor Park 166 High Lane 98
Tameside Vets: 18/07/2018 Friezland 8 Manor Park 7.5
Tameside Ladies: 18/07/2018 Manor Park Cedar Park 3
Longdendale: 14/07/2018 No match
Stockport Vets Pairs: 16/07/2018 Nursery 2 81 Manor Park 73
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 17/07/2018 Manor Park 84 Rams Head 57

Joe Bassett Trophy Doubles Draw

Anne Donoghue/John Ingerson Jnr v Martin Coombes/Eunice Coombes
John Ingerson Snr/Dave Astbury v Bryan Buckland/Neal Linsky
Maureen Hargreaves/William Lowery v Walter Smith/Ken Charlton
Luke Jones/Joyce Godfrey v Hazel Prady/Pam Taylor

Contact details of all the players can be found in the clubhouse on the cupboard above the sink.

Matches to be played by no later than 26th August.

Rules of the competition

Entry fee for the competition is £2 per player.

Players are responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange their match.

Any player who does not turn up for an arranged match, or who fails to make themselves available to play within the round’s time limit without good reason, will forfeit the match.

Players are responsible for their own marking and measuring, but may request other club members to assist.

All matches are 21 up.

Match cards should be completed by each pair which should be put in an envelope with the £2 per player entry fee.   The envelope should be put in the post box in the club house.

In subsequent rounds the match card should be put in the post box in the club house.

Players are responsible for entering the score on the competition fixture sheet which will be on display in the club house.

No players will be allowed to practice prior to their game, unless agreed by their opponents.

Results round up 9 – 12 July

North Derbyshire: 12/07/2018 Ashwood Park B v Manor Park Awaiting result
Tameside Vets: 11/07/2018 Delemere B 8 Manor Park 7.5
Tameside Ladies: 11/07/2018 No match
Longdendale: 10/07/2018 Woodley Sports B 10 Manor Park 3
Stockport Vets Pairs: 09/07/2018 Manor Park 76 Grange 2 64
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 10/07/2018 Manor Park 58 Furness Vale 50