Personalised, Face to Face, Careers advice


“I found Michael’s help and advice invaluable.  After spending my twenties working a variety of dead-end, unfullfilling jobs, assuming that the right career would magically make itself known to me, I finally came to the realisation I would have to be a bit more proactive about it.

After Googling for careers advisors I found Michael and decided to give him a try.  Our interview was very relaxed but productive and Michael helped me to determine my strengths and the things I enjoyed in a job, and then suggested a career based on that.

He also helped me find the qualifications I would need, and the routes to getting hem.  I have been accepted into an access course in Engineering with the intention of going to university after that, and I look forward to finally getting started towards a fulfilling career.  If it wasn’t for Michael I would still be scanning job ads for another dead-end job, rather than getting ready to pursue a degree.”

TD – June 2013