Yuck ‘n Yum – 2013 Autumn Issue Launch

I headed towards the Yuck ‘n Yum launch at Generator Projects on Sunday thinking that I would sample just a little of the soup they had promised and quickly pick up the latest copy of the zine. However, Alexander Aitken invited us to join in with her I Lava Dundee performance by stepping onto an island and then starting to construct colourful new lands.

yuck n yum, dundee, 2013, generator projects

So I did. Alexander stated that initially the first three rules below were the most important:

  1. The ground is lava – DON’T TOUCH THE GROUND.
  2. To move forward cut your island on half, float it where you want to go.
  3. If you are standing – Mark make onto your island.

I started by standing still and subsequently having to doodle. Initially, my head was blank so I started drawing squares of different shapes and sizes – a little inspired by the paper islands surrounding me that were starting to change shape and size.

yuck n yum, dundee, 2013, generator projects

Then I decided to cut my island up and float it as advised – before stepping out onto new land. Continue reading “Yuck ‘n Yum – 2013 Autumn Issue Launch”