Tin Roof Social Club

A social club for artists appeared in Dundee for 4 short days in August 2013; the Tin Roof Social Club was a great little space that was housed within the gallery space of the Tin Roof Arts Collective. This art installation functioned as a working social club with drinks, daily newspapers, snacks for daytime visitors, a fully licensed bar and games competitions. A social club often has a distinctive look, and although this one housed some of the normal features like a darts board and a pool table – the windowless gallery felt surprisingly bright and welcoming with its bright white walls and shiny tin foil signage.

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The social club was hosted by the ‘landlord’ Fraser Mcdonald and ‘landlady’ Catrin Jeans, ( the local artists who conceived of the project) and they made every guest feel very welcome – being particularly pro-active at offering drinks to thirsty artists (and their friends) that came to visit. I managed to pop in on the Saturday and Sunday night and on Sunday I took part in their darts and pool competition. It was a great lesson for me – one where I learned that I was particularly bad at darts! Whilst all the competitors slowly worked their way up the numbers – I progressed painfully slowly. On each shot I hoped that the three darts that I threw would magically hit the spot I intended them too. But more often than not, they would be nowhere near. Continue reading “Tin Roof Social Club”

Henningham Family – Chip Shop Press

I was lucky to be able to satisfy my hunger for a little bit of art and printing by visiting the Chip Shop Press during Print Festival Scotland. They were offering up a unique menu of delicious words, freshly printed and at a great takeaway price – such a treat for a Thursday night. The Chip Shop Press is the brainchild of the Henningham Family Press, otherwise known as the artistic duo of David and Ping Henningham. They are both Artists and Authors who are curious about every aspect of writing, printing and publishing.

Henningham Family Press – Chip Shop Press

They visited Dundee recently and set up shop in Dundee Contemporary Arts to feed the hungry print making delegates visiting the Impact 8 conference. They fed them with words, ink, chipboard and witty conversations. Set-up in front of the brilliant Sister Corita Kent exhibition, and surrounded by printmaking professionals and academics; they got to work and made a number of very simple screen prints onto chipboard, based on the words suggested by the bustling queue of people that was forming. Continue reading “Henningham Family – Chip Shop Press”