Bill Thompson – How to work in a world of makers

Bill Thompson visited Dundee last week to discuss how people are working in a world of makers. Bill started his lecture by introducing us to his 3D printed mini-bill, which he later divulged had been crafted in a womb shaped scanner & 3D printing unit. This intriguing project was created by digital agency Developing Dreams and Brighton based Italian artist Emilia Telese and was recently showcased as part of The Brighton Digital Festival. Bill stated that it is exciting projects like this that make him question what will happen in a world where 3D printing is readily available. It is this type of project (that encourage the public to interact with this brilliant technology) that help to promote the idea that in this new world of makers – a very important role for the maker is also to be a sharer.

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Taking A Chance In Dundee

I was walking down the street on my way to work the other morning when I spotted this simple a4 sheet stuck on a lamp post. It was typed in a really simple font, just black on white, but it was the words that jumped out at me – they said:

Please take at least one

Then there was a number of tear-off slips that said:

A chance

I have to admit that my first reaction was to take a photograph, but on realising that I didn’t have my camera – I pulled off a chance slip, took a mental photograph of it and subsequently sketched this out quickly later. I was pleased to see that when I walked home that evening that I discovered the posters were actually up on three or four lamposts, yet in fact all the chances had been taken that day!

I will add that this was situated outside an art school, so it could have been a simple experiment, part of a larger art or design project or just a bit of fun. However, I was impressed that it managed to capture my attention whilst rushing to work on a route that I rush down everyday – so it shows the value of choosing clever words that capture both people’s attention, but also their imagination. Secondly, I enjoyed that people had obviously reacted to it and torn the scraps of paper off so quickly – which made me wonder if the people of Dundee took any more chances than usual that day. I like to think that they did and I wonder what they may have been.

Words & Images © Hazel Saunderson