About the Blog:

The Accept Chaos blog is a place filled with a collection of stories, tales of adventures, creative experiments and inspiring interviews. So if you can accept that it might be a little chaotic at times, with a mix of subjects being thrown out there, you are welcome to explore chaos with me.

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About the writer:

I like to write from direct experience and I like to capture photographs of places and people that I have seen.

I am an optimist. I am also a realist. I think it is a Scottish trait. I know that it will rain quite often, but I believe almost everyday that the sun will shine. I think looking for sunshine in life is incredibly important. It is important to let the glimpses of blue sky fill your vision, rather than the looming grey clouds. So in my writing I aim to capture the rays of creative sunshine and record the things that give me a warm glow. I believe the 6 points below are important elements for enjoying life and exploring them will be a key feature of this blog.

  • Accept chaos
  • Love sunny days
  • Make interesting experiments
  • Bring stories to life
  • Collaborate on exciting projects
  • Find the fun in the everyday

I can now be found writing elements for National Museums Scotland. In the past I have written about sustainable design for Inhabitat, about local events for Creative Dundee and I used to write more often about bikes on my own blog Just Riding Around.

About my Inspiration:

The inspiring words pictured below are just two of a number of creative manifesto’s that inspire me and give me a sense of empowerment. I love that reading great words and letting your mind transform them into great ideas allows you to feel that.

sister corita, dca, rules, creativity, art, immaculate heart art college rules, 2013, dundee
Sister Corita Kent – The Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules – 1967-1968



Holstee manifesto
The Holstee Manifesto – 2009