Dundee Print Collective: Edition 2

I had a third print exhibited as part of Dundee Print Collective, this exhibition was on display at the Hannah Mclure Centre in Dundee as part of Print Festival Scotland in 2015. My print is the one on the far left of this first wall as you enter the exhibition. It was titled: Marvel at the Moon.

You can’t see it from a distance, but surrounding the large moon which is created from leaving a space in the darkness. There are lines of small text that create the outer rings. It’s perhaps easiest to see them on this exposed screen.

It may look simple, but in terms of printing this is one of the most difficult prints I have done so far. Perhaps due to my inexperience, as I should have made the large expanse of black separate to section with the text. I didn’t and it was incredibly difficult getting a full black sky and text that was crisp.

However, a great day of printing. As ever surrounded by a supportive group in the collective.