A letter to Dundee

I was five years younger when I first moved to Dundee. My face was five years fresher and I was unaware of all the incredible people I would meet during those next five years. People that have changed the way that I think about myself, the world and art.
A pink sky over Dundee, looking out from Wasps studios.
A pink sky over Dundee, looking out from Wasps studios.
In Dundee I encountered so many people who are passionately working to craft their own part of the world. No one ever asked me to create there, but yet I felt encouraged to. I felt compelled to, as I was surrounding by people who were constantly making.

 Making a new artists space. Making a new arts collective. Making a new group of design jams. Making a new allotment. Making a new skill-share group. Making new creative events. Making new micro music festivals. Making new exhibitions. Making new bands.
Making, just because that is what feels like the most natural thing to do.
However, making is not always the easiest thing to do. It still takes hard work. It still takes dedication, and yet I met so many people in Dundee who were just doing it. It makes them stronger by doing it and it makes the city stronger because they are doing it. Being around these people for five years made me stronger. It made me want to make. I’ve always wanted to make. But sometimes you lose confidence in your creative abilities. Being in Dundee, surrounded people that were just doing made me stronger again.
As a space for artists it is a really important place in Scotland. 
It is a very important place for me in Scotland. As my years there were filled with the best of friends. My years there were spent listening to lovely records in dark living rooms. My years there were spent eating delicious dinners with friends. My years there were spent trying to figure out a little more about art. My years there spent laughing. My years there were spent thinking. My years spent doing. I am now bound for Edinburgh and a new adventure. But, oh how I will miss Dundee.