Dundee Print Collective – Edition 1

Sometimes it is nice to slow down. I think this is what I have enjoyed most about my recent foray into printmaking. I like the process. It slows me down. It slows the printing process down. This gives me time to think and a chance to figure out how I would like the ink to dry on the paper. Going through this printing process makes me appreciate and value my prints more.

I spent a few weekends last year in the print studio at Dundee Contemporary Arts, as I was experimenting with developing some print designs for the new Dundee Print Collective. The print collective set no theme, but there was a set format. So the print had to be specific dimensions, with one black layer and one optional further colour. It was busy in the studio, with a number of people in the newly formed collective working away – at various stages of the printing process. I developed two prints over a two different weekends and I have discussed them a little more below.

Love Sunny Days
With my Love Sunny Days print I started a quick brainstorm around this idea on the Friday and on Sunday I started printing… In some ways it is quite simple in concept and is a development of the first screen print I ever made in a basics class, where I chose to cut out the words ‘Love Sunny Days’. It was done very quickly and quite childlike in its aesthetic. However, at the time I was super happy with it! A year on, I still love sunny days and so decided these words needed a refresh and that was the base for developing this print. Simple really. However, there is definitely more to read into it if you want to.

Make Your Mark
I developed the idea for this print around the time of the Scottish Referendum. My idea for a print was to use the cross symbol from the ballot paper & multiply it to create an outline for text. The words I chose to outline were Make Your Mark. My second layer of colour took the form of just one cross, my cross in colour. It’s quite small in amongst all the other marks – so you have to look for it.

There was an amazing amount of prints made by various people for this Dundee Print Collective project last year.  I found seeing the diverse amount of work being produced has already sparked a number of new ideas for me and I am really enjoying exploring and experimenting with print. They have just set some dates for a second round of round of printmaking and I can’t wait to get back to it. Although, I’ll have to start thinking up some new ideas.

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