Making Marks in the Sand

Love sunny days 🙂 last of my sand writing for today #words #sand #beach #writing

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Sometimes the most simple actions are the most rewarding.

Sometimes the most natural views are the most satisfying.

Reflections of the clouds in the water #sea #beach #water #reflections #photo

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Sometimes it is nice to know that the mark you make is not permanent.

I recently spent a good few hours wandering around St Andrews beach and I was looking for excuses not to leave. So I made a small H in the sand. Marking my spot gave me an excuse to stay a little longer. There is something wonderful about making marks in sand. It is a flexible and responsive surface that allows you to play, build and write without any pressure. With the knowledge that your marks in the sand will be somewhat fleeting.

Sometimes it is nice to do the obvious.

The first mark made me want to write more… So I decided to write a few basic beach instructions, with the vague hope that someone might find them and follow them. They are not groundbreaking requests. They are probably the most obvious thing you can do on a beach. However, sometimes it is easy to forget to do the obvious and it can be nice to get a reminder.

The complete set of instructions 🙂 I enjoyed following them #beach #words #writing #scotland

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As my most regular beach haunts are in Scotland, my local beach experiences are probably somewhat different to those enjoyed in more exotic lands around the world. It is rare to see bikini clad bodies, but not so rare to be presented with ladies layered with boots, socks, scarfs, hats & gloves to protect their fair Scottish souls from the fresh sea air. My biggest problem with the latter description is the boots.

Please remove your shoes… Carving words into the beach #words #sand #writing #beach

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As I think one of the best things about the beach is the sense of freedom gained from walking through a public space with naked feet. It is the rare space where it is deemed to be quite acceptable to untie your shoelaces and let your bare souls soak into the sand. To let the grains sift between your toes. To notice the slight variation in texture as you edge closer to the cold sea water.

Stand here [__] + listen. Fun words I carved into the beach today #words #sand #beach #writing

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Sometimes it is nice to simply stop and listen.

Words & Images © Hazel Saunderson

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