Fun A Day Dundee 2014

I have to confess – I have been thinking about FUN quite a lot recently.

The FUN thoughts first appeared when we decided upon our motto for the Dundee Sustainability Jam. They continued to lurk as Seaton Baxter took up the challenge to discuss this motto and whilst he spoke about a number of projects, he highlighted how much FUN actually exists in a number of words if you look for it: FUNgibility, FUNdamental and even FUNeral.

So it seems that if you look hard enough, you can find FUN lurking in some unexpected places.

Subsequently, thoughts of FUN have been drfting around my mind ever since. They are hard to shake, and as I have since volunteered to help organise this years Fun A Day in Dundee, they may be set to stay for the time being.

For the uninitiated, I have to warn that the Fun A Day project will be encouraging the people of Dundee to have FUN in January 2014… on a daily basis! We don’t mean to shock, so we think it is good to be honest about our intentions from the start. We want the people of Dundee to have more FUN!

Fun A Day dundee, 2014

We are following in the footsteps of a real master FUN maker – Morgan Cahn – who succeeded in encouraging 38 people in Dundee to add the element of FUN to their days in January 2013. The results were impressive. On the 8th February 2013 an exhibition popped up for one night only with approximately 1,178 pieces of the art, that had been created specifically with the aim of exploring FUN. I think I understand now why Morgan kept the exhibition run so short, she was aware of the power that all that FUN could have if left to float around the air too long.  She wanted to make sure that the FUN energy was captured in the space and the people who had created all the artwork could soak it up.

It worked. There were a few of us who soaked up the need for FUN perhaps too much and we wanted to have more…

Alas, during 2013 Morgan moved south across the water to Edinburgh and for a moment we pondered what would happen in 2014 if there was no more FUN.  As is evidenced in this snapshot Morgan’s recent installation in the Mappa Dundee exhibition, she found us to take over the FUN. So we have formed the 2014 FUN Team, and we will try our best to bring a little more FUN to Dundee in dark January days of 2014.

2013-12-17 23.25.35

As we have only recently started on this quest for FUN making (read last week or so), we are yet unsure of the potential impact of releasing such a term so freely into the city. But if you are lucky enough to receive or find one of the vouchers pictured below for Fun A Day Dundee, then I recommend that you take up your free FUN and use it wisely. Read more about the Fun A Day Dundee challenge.

Picture 6

Words and Images © Hazel Saunderson 2013.

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