Why You Should Join The Dundee Sustainability Jam

What does a weekend normally consist of?

  • Do you normally hike up a mountain?
  • Do you often cycle for miles and miles?
  • Do you drink until your head hurts?
  • Do you practice the art of doing absolutely nothing?
  • Do you shop until your purse is empty?
  • Do you eat until you feel sleepy?

Whatever the main activities in your one hundred odd weekends in a year may be is not really my concern… but what activity you are doing on the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th November is…

On that weekend, on those two short days in the 365 days that exist in a year. These are the days you should dedicate to a sustainable design adventure. That is the weekend you should make sure you are in Dundee. That is the weekend you should learn how to jam. That is the weekend you should join hundreds of people in over 26 countries who will be trying to save the world. It is quite a challenge for one weekend. It is something that would be difficult to do on your own in one weekend (although that shouldn’t stop you trying). However, most things are better with other people. So if you would like to join other people, who would also like to try to save the world through design, then you should join the Dundee Sustainability Jam.

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I realise that we may not succeed in saving the world completely in one weekend. I realise that it might take a little more time. But I know you have to start somewhere. So if everyone taking part in the Global Sustainability Jam changes the way they think just a little bit, then that is a start. If a few brilliant projects are created in amongst the hundreds, then that is the start. If everyone that joins the Dundee Sustainability Jam has a little bit of fun, then that is a start.

So yes I may be biased, as I am part of the team organising the jam, but I would definitely recommend that you book yourself a ticket to the Dundee Sustainability Jam. We don’t want to jam on our own. We would be much happier if you were jamming with us. If you need a few other reasons, then you can read the points below.

  • We are the only Sustainability Jam taking place in Scotland this November.
  • We are lucky to have the Visual Research Centre at Dundee Contemporary Arts as the hub venue.
  • We will be connecting with jams from the 26 different countries taking part in the Global Sustainability Jam.
  • We believe that the weekend should be centered around having fun in a creative way.
  • We are looking forward to discussing what it means to be sustainable.
  • We hope to welcome lots of creative people to the jam.
  • We will be making a few tasty things to eat.
  • We will have a few games for you to play.
  • We will have some inspiring speakers for you to listen to.

If you need convinced any further, then take a look at our brilliant plan for the weekend.

Dundee Sustainability Jam 2013 – Schedule from hazler on Vimeo.

You could visit the website for full details, but you should just go straight to Eventbrite and book a ticket now!

Eventbrite - Dundee Sustainability Jam

Why a weekend is a great time frame for a design jam.

In a weekend there is…

  • Enough time to have some brilliant ideas, but not enough time to just think and talk about these ideas for too long – you will have to make decisions & start doing, not just talking.
  • Enough time to get stuck once or twice, but not enough time to stay stuck – you just have to shout on some people to help pull you out and move on.
  • Enough time to make a really cool prototype, but not enough time to make it perfect – you have to improvise and improvising often leads to some form of innovation.
  • Enough time meet, work and hang out with awesome new people, but not enough time meet, work and hang out with awesome people – you will have arrange to have more drinks after the jam.
  • Enough time to design a great project, but not enough time to worry about all the obstacles that may stand in your way – you are able to keep your mind free of some real world constraints.

Actually, reflecting on the items mentioned at the top of the post – it might even be possible to include lots of these in your weekend if you really wanted to!

Eventbrite - Dundee Sustainability Jam

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