I love libraries

I have just visited my local library and it reminded me how much I love libraries: these amazing houses for books. I love that there is a whole building dedicated to people that want to read, to learn and to think. Yes, the internet is a hive of information, but a library is so much more. It is a place where you don’t always manage to find exactly the book that you were looking for, but you have the opportunity to look, to flick and to discover.

Public Libraries

Such interesting social spaces: they offer a place to go in city which does not ask anything of you if you do not want it to. You can be there for free and if you want to read a book, a magazine, search the internet, or simply sit and do nothing… you can. Because of this there is a diverse mix of people within these spaces and the best bit is they are all there for slightly different reasons. Some there for a specific reason, others perhaps simply there as there is nowhere else to go.

Library friend
Library friend

I remember meeting this amazing old man in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. I don’t know why, but I really felt the need to speak to him and so I did. He was amazing; at 85 years old he could hardly walk and he was blind in one eye (you can’t make this stuff up), yet he said that he went to library almost everyday as it was his place to go outside of his house and he didn’t really have anywhere else. He said that he was trying to learn about different things, so he read as many different books as he could, just a little bit at a time. Continue reading “I love libraries”