Falling asleep in public

There are times when there is a need to take break in the day. Especially when spending a whole day in a new city, and planning to stay out at night. Over the years I have felt this sense of overwhelming tiredness appear at various times. So recently when in London (well in fact yesterday), I went back to the one space that I remember as being truly possible to relax for free in this big city. Continue reading “Falling asleep in public”

Keep Moving?

The impact of this one girl standing still in Stockholm, while people all around kept moving and moving made for a fantastic sequence. I do wish I had continued to photograph it for a moment longer. However, I still think it just captures a thought, the sense of stopping, and standing still, for just a moment.

Yet it often seems that if you do begin to slow down, take time out… that the world around you speeds up and just moves faster and faster. Therefore, there is a sense of need present within the world today, to not stand still, but to keep going as fast as you can all the time. It reminds me of the quote by Carl Honore in a TED talk from 2005, when he states that we are;

a world stuck in fast forward, a world obsessed with speed, of cramming more and more into less and less time[1]

So is the answer simply to slow down; to hit the slow motion button on the remote control? Does the slow motion button still exist? Carl Honore discusses slowness, mostly in relation to life issues and one important question he raises, which could apply to life or design is;

Is it possible or even desirable to slow down? [2]

Instead of simply embracing the chance to breathe and consider what we have already, we are almost always thinking about what we need next.

[1 & 2] Carl Honore, Slowing down in a world built for speed, TED talk – filmed July 2005, posted Feb 2007.

Originally posted on my old blogger blog here. 

My first blog – circa 2008

I just rediscovered an old blog called Open Your Eyes, that I set up in 2008. It’s funny, it was such a long time ago and yet the initial intentions of it really weren’t so different to those of this blog. I have decided to move some of the relevant content over here, not all of it – but there are a few fun nuggets. The original, full of wacky grammar and all is still live here!


I wonder if I will look back at this blog in 8 years time and be amused by it also.